Electronic Survey

When extending or altering your home such that planning permission or building control approval is required, an architectural survey is necessary as a first step.

This process enables us to capture everything we need to know about your property – the dimensions of each room, heights of ceilings, eaves, the ridge, how large openings like doors and windows are and so on. We’ll even look at which way joists run and carry out a drainage survey. The process is very thorough.

The traditional way of carrying out an architectural survey is to use an ordinary tape measure, paper and pencil, sketch out the house and scribble down key measurements etc which may possibly not be that accurate. Then, once back at base, these sketches and notes would be interpreted before drawing can commence. The accuracy and efficiency of this process, these days, is questionable.

For this reason, Kennet Design is among a few leading residential architectural services providers who are pioneering the latest in handheld computers loaded with mobile CAD (computer-aided design) surveying software and laser distance meters.

Within minutes, rooms are measured out accurate to within one millimeter.

Your house, as it is (“the existing”) is drawn out live whilst on site so nothing is left to memory or interpretation once the surveyor/architectural designer or draughtsman is back in the office.

This is where the accuracy, efficiency and overall quality of the Kennet Design service begins.